April 6, 2012

You Lift Me UP

We all love receiving special notes of appreciation!!

This is a quick and easy dinner activity idea to make the whole family feel appreciated.  

At everyone's plate I put a can of 7-Up with a simple label taped around it that said, "You Lift Me UP!"

Click here to print your own labels
{labels fit easily around 12 oz. soda cans} 

Then I personalized each label by writing something that I liked about each person and I tied a balloon to the top of each can.  The balloons added a fun, colorful twist to our dinner drink!  

During dinner we talked about something or someone who had lifted us up during the week.  This was very insightful and inspiring to hear all of the positive events that happened in the lives of my family.  Also, my children really enjoyed the simple note that I wrote about each of them.  It was simple and unique way to express my love for them.

*If you want, a fun family activity would be to watch the Disney Pixar movie UP after dinner!

*Another fun variation would be to leave a can of 7-Up in each family member's room as a thoughtful surprise when they came home from school or work - a welcome treat after a long day!

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