April 1, 2012

Lego My Lego Dinner

In my family we love LEGOs!!  So I decided to do a Lego activity dinner night. I wanted something fun that we could do and talk about during dinner.

We have lots of Legos at our house, so this was a quick and easy activity to put together. 

{dollar store finds}

I wanted to create some cute place settings for dinner, so I set off to the dollar store to buy a few additional supplies.  I found some cute, bright colored baskets and a sink drainer that looked "Lego'y" as part of our table decoration.  I bought enough baskets and sink drainers for every person in the family.

The first thing I did was paint the sink drainer with some acrylic paint I already had on hand.  My daughter helped me with the painting and had loads of fun.  But, if you wanted to surprise your family with this Lego dinner, you could easily do the painting yourself in ten minutes (or less).

{dinner table Lego display}

To set the table, I filled my dollar store baskets with Legos.  I used the painted sink drainers as a table runner in the middle of the table and used some colorful dinnerware that matched our Lego colors.  I  also added a "Lego my Lego Creation" sign {mimicking the logo from the Ego Waffle commercials, ha ha!}.

Click here to print your own Lego sign
{fits in 4 x 6" frame}

I planned two Lego activities for our dinner time event!!

Activity #1 - Just before dinner was ready, everyone picked a Lego basket from the table.  The rule was to make any Lego creation of your choice in five minutes or less.  This requires\d some creativity depending on what Legos we had in our baskets.  When everyone was finished, we place our Lego creations in the center of the table.

As we sat down to dinner, our Lego creations made for a great conversation piece as we tried to guess each others creations.  This activity was so fun and easy going, it kept everyone engaged in the conversation.  Everyone enjoyed the attention as the others gave compliments and made guesses about their Lego creation!!

{our Lego creations}

Here are our creations...can you guess what they are supposed to be?  {I'll give you a hint.....Perry the Platapuse, house boat and a tractor.}

Activity #2 - After we were done eating (and guessing), we moved on to the second activity.  The only rule for the second activity was that you had to use every Lego in your basket.  So, we each built a Lego statue. 

{our Lego statues}

When we were done building our statues, we assigned each one a number {I used some 3 x 5" index card I already had}.  Then we individually brainstormed a unique name for each statue.  We wrote down our  ideas then took turns sharing them and voted on the name that we all liked best.  After we voted, I wrote down the statue name on the index cards.

These two activities added a little variety to our normal dinner time routine!!

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