September 11, 2012

{Tuesday's Tip} Be Active

I am not a runner.  In fact, I used to hate running.  But over the past few years some of my family members have really gotten into running and they've motivated me to be a little more active.  In fact, this summer we signed up for a couple of races together.  Although they made me nervous and weren't all easy, it was worth it to say that I tried.

To start training for my first 5K, I completed the "Couch to 5K" program.  There's probably more than one out there, but this is the one I tried.  And I felt like it did a good job getting me ready.  I also had a friend that started the program the same time I did and we ran together once a week.  That helped A LOT to make myself accountable for my runs and to have someone there for moral support. 

We did a pretty good job following this running program.  But by the end, I had to push myself to just get out and run.  I'm not fast enough to run a 5K in 30 minutes, I run (or jog, really) at a 12 mph pace.  But the Couch to 5K program helped me to run an entire, actually run the entire distance without stopping to walk.  That was a first for me!

I also completed 2 other races during the summer.  The first race was the 5K Foam Fest and it was so fun!  The race included a combination of foam, mud, and water along with other obstacles.  There are lots of different types of races out there, some with mud, obstacles, water, color, night runs, etc.  I'd recommend doing these fun races with a friend or as a team--the more the merrier! 

The second race was the Rivalry Relay--a 60 mile relay race with my family.  This was a challenge for all of us...but we did it!  It was also a good bonding experience and something I can cross off my bucket list!

The best part for me about running and doing this training is that my body feels healthier (especially my heart and lungs).  And more importantly, I just feel better about myself for being active! (Let me tell you, that feels so much better than the guilt I feel when I'm lazy or go on a food binge.)

We all need to find a fun way to be and stay active.  I understand that it's hard to get started and even harder to find the time.  Just like most rewarding things in life, it is definitely challenging.  But that's what makes it even more worth it, right? (Ha, I'm starting to sound like a health-nut!)

Do you want to find a race in your area? 

Here are some local and national running websites:

Runner's World

Running in the USA

Utah Running Guide

Utah Running

So, I want to find more ways that me and my family and stay active together.  What do you like to do as a family to stay active?  Please share your suggestions.

Happy Tuesday!

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